Wednesday 31st August 2005

Teenager Salloum upsets Dr Chang

JUSTIN SALLOUM created an upset in his opening game of the De Verteuil Memorial Open Chess tournament on Thursday at DRETCHI, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

In the field are 44 players, among them well known Cuban Chess Coach International Master Humberto Pecorelli who is visiting our country as a guest of the Caribbean and Latin American Chess Academy.

Salloum who won the Under-14 prize at the Sagicor Open International Junior Chess Championships earlier this month in Barbados came up against the experience Dr Eddison Chang in the first round.

Chang, a finalist in the up-coming National Championships was unable to solve the tactical problems that Salloum posed.

Chang using the two Knights defense against e4 opening that the young St Mary’s College student adopted made a tactical error early in the game on move 12 which forced Chang to sacrifice his Queen for a Rook in a desperate attempt to recover from this mistake.

But he couldn’t and resigned on his 30th move.

FIDE Master Mario Merritt in another game narrowly escaped defeat at the hands of his lesser rated opponent John Everon.

Former national champion and finalist for National Championships, Cecil Lee, drew his game with nine- year-old Keron Cabralis, winner of the Under-10 prize at the Sagicor Open International Junior Chess Championships.

The tournament, which honours a veteran chess player, Faustin De Verteuil continues tomorrow from 7 pm at DRETCHI, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

Pairings for Round 2— IM Humberto Pecorelli Garcia (1.0) VS David Jones (1.0); David Fortune (1.0) VS Ryan Harper (1.0); FM Mario Merritt (1.0) VS Colin Kinght (1.0); Marcus Joseph (1.0) VS Cesar Ramos (1.0); Ravishen Singh (1.0) VS Justin Salloum (1.0); Nicholas Chin (1.0) VS Frank Yee (1.0); David Christopher (1.0) VS Gregory Boyce (1.0); Christopher Raphael (1.0) VS Loenard Duncan (1.0); Andrew Bowles (1.0) VS Bryan Valentine (1.0)

Eddison Chang (0.0) VS Cecil Lee (0.5); Keron Cabralis (0.5) VS Christo Cave (0.0); Frank Sears (0.0) VS Prince Primus (0.0); Carl Jacobs (0.0) VS Darryl Davis (0.0); Hayden Lee (0.0) VS Jane Kennedy (0.0); Patrick Anthony (0.0) VS Barton Gomez (0.0); Alpacino Smith (0.0) VS Kenneth Fitzpatrick (0.0); Denzil Gellineau (0.0) VS Shamah Khan (0.0); Ian Soloman (0.0) VS John Everon (0.0); Frank Furlong (0.0) VS Arlene Blackman (0.0); Daven Maynard (0.0) VS Louis Wiltshire (0.0); Prakash Persad (0.0) VS Joseph Laquis (0.0); Myron Barnett (0.0) VS David Maynard (0.0)