Chess Carnival Launches at Moulton Hall

By Carl Jacobs
Trinidad Guardian
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The tenth edition of the annual Caribbean Chess Carnival comes off in early August and this popular junior event is again expected to attract a large participation among young chess players of the region. The seven-round Swiss tournament, organised by the T&T Chess Foundation, had its ceremonial launching yesterday at the Moulton Hall Methodist Primary School in Port-of-Spain. Central feature of the launch was an entertaining open-air chess game between Amol Golikeri, Corporate Manager, First Citizens Asset Management Limited, sponsors of the tournament, and Errol Fabien, comedian-counsellor, each enthusiastically aided by teams of pupils. After about a dozen moves, without any exchanges and with each side showing a careful brand of chess, the "combatants" readily agreed to call it a draw.

The Chess Carnival comes off at Queen's Royal College from August 2 to 5. It comprises four categories, Under-20, Under 14, Under 10 and Novices. At stake is a cash prize fund of $20,000. In a brief address, Golikeri said his company was delighted to accept sponsorship of the tournament last year. "It was a wonderful experience to see the young minds of our nation engaged in friendly but serious competition over the chessboard....planning and contemplating their moves and making new friends at the same time." He noted that FCAML was committed to continue its support for "this very worthwhile annual event, recognising that it provided an excellent forum for our youth to sharpen their minds and practise the skills of discipline and strategy. "Indeed, these are skills that are very necessary not only in the game of chess but also in our world of asset management," he added.

Golikeri urged young chess enthusiasts to "take advantage of this excellent tournament," to play their best game, to make their schools proud and, equally importantly, to make use of the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships. "This competition," he noted, "brings together school children from all over the nation as well as from neighbouring countries. Learn not only about chess but also about your fellow students. Exchange not only chess moves but also ideas and experiences. The friendships you forge at this tournament will last you a lifetime." Foundation president Raphael thanked First Citizens Asset Management Limited for its continuing support and Moulton Hall Methodist School for the use of its compound as the venue for the launching ceremony.

Principal of Moulton Hall, Islyne Ånne Thomas, in an interview with Double Rooks, said the chess programme conducted by coaches from the Foundation among Moulton Hall pupils was a welcome asset as it assisted pupils to think more deeply, imparting lessons in comprehension, understanding and synthesis. Also, she said, the children developed a pride and a sense of mutual cooperation in being members of the school's "chess club". Although the regular players numbered about 20, the principal said participation in the sport was greater as the more experienced players would help the beginners when their coaches could not make their Friday afternoon sessions. The Moulton Hall principal was also happy to see a growing number of girls getting interested in learning the mind-enhancing game.