Celebrating our Heroes in Chess

Bridgetown, Barbados April 26th – May 1st, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: 2008-05-03

Becerra takes Digicel Masters Cup

Grandmaster Julio Becerra of the USA brought the curtains down on the 2008 Digicel RBTT Heroes Day Cup with a commanding performance, “washing off” Barbados National Champion FIDE Master Delisle Warner and Swedish FIDE Master Bengt Hammar, to finish unbeaten on 8 ˝ points and take the 2008 Digicel Masters Cup.

 Becerra, who is originally from Cuba, was clearly in a class of his own and his display over the last week will certainly provide much material for local coaches to use with their charges.

Barbados Chess Federation President Peter Dawson (left) presenting Digicel Heroes Day Masters Cup winners cheque to US Grandmaster Julio Becerra

 Second in the Digicel Masters goes to English Grandmaster Keith Arkell who ended on 7 ˝ points. Arkell, from whose table most of the tournament’s hardest and longest fought matches originated, ended his Heroes Day Cup with wins against two of Barbados’ finest FIDE Master Dr. Philip Corbin and National Champion Delisle Warner.

 FIDE Master Augusto Moran of Ecuador, the 2006 Heroes Day Cup winner, finished in 3rd position with 5 ˝ points. With Becerra and Arkell having locked down the top two spots, Moran switched to cruise control and drew his final matches against Trinidad & Tobago National Champion Ryan Harper and FIDE Master Terry Farley of Barbados.

 Colombian FIDE Master Mauricio Uribe, needing a win and a draw in his last two matches against FIDE Master Bengt Hammar and International Master Kevin Denny of Barbados, saw his hopes of creating history by becoming the first player to gain the International Master Chess Title on Bajan soil vanish as he lost his penultimate round match against Hammar.

 Uribe, clearly feeling the pressure to force a win from what would normally be equal opposition, lost the battle to nerves and a determined Hammar. This however did not mean that his match against Denny would be an also ran affair. The two closed the night in a fine display of fighting chess which end in a draw giving the Colombian 4th place with 5 points.

 Trinidad & Tobago National Champion FIDE Master Ryan Harper end his Digicel Masters as the best of the English Speaking Caribbean with 4 points to secure 5th Place.

Trinidad & Tobago National Champion FIDE Master Ryan Harper, the best of the English Speaking Caribbean Players at the 2008 Digicel Heroes Day Masters Cup

Harper, no longer in the Norm hunt and egger to secure bragging rights and rating points, finished with a draw against International Master Moran and a win over FIDE Master Dr. Philip Corbin.

 National Champion FIDE Master Delisle Warner, who after an excellent start, posted what could likely be his worst finish in a chess tournament, when he lost his last four matches to end on 3 ˝ points and 6th position.

 Warner, who is scheduled to go to Cuba shortly to play two tournaments, the Montana Open and Gildado Garcia Memorial Open, will still have the consolation that, disappointing as it is, his performance was still the best of the Bajan offering on show.

 Farley, Hammar and Denny jointly ended on 3 points for 7th, 8th and 9th positions respectively while Corbin was 10th with 1 ˝ points.

 With the pawns back in their boxes and the visiting players back home, the 2008 Digicel Heroes Day Masters Cup will stand out as the strongest and most competitive International Chess Tournament ever held in the English Speaking Caribbean and the local chess community can only wonder what Digicel and the organizers have is store to 2009!

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Digicel Heroes Day Cup Masters - Rd9 Results.pdf
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