Junior Orange Bowl 2005

I wish to congratulate all our players who recently participated in the Junior Orange Bowl International Scholastic Chess Championships, which was staged at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Florida December 27 29, 2005. They have done us proud. Click here to see full photo gallery.

In the competition that featured 178 individuals from six countries (Barbados, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, USA and Trinidad and Tobago), Christopher Raphael played unbeaten in the 7 round event.

Front row: left to right, Hakim Buchanan (3rd), Christopher Raphael (1st), & Stuart James (2nd)

Christopher won the 12 and Under section with 5.5 points edging out Jamaicans Stuart James and Hakim Buchanan as well as Sam Silberman of the USA who ended with 5.5 points into second, third and fourth place respectively. Christopher won with the application of the tie-break system.

In the 9 and Under section Keron Cabralis who won this event in 2004 played unbeaten to win the top spot with a perfect score of 7 out of 7 games successfully defending his hold on the 9 and Under title.

Front row: left to right, Keron Cabralis (1st), Laura Cordovi (2nd) & Maria Fernandez Diaz (3rd)

Runners up Laura Cordovi of the USA and Maria Fernandez Diaz of Ecuador trailed Cabralis with 6 points and 5.5 points to take second and third places respectively.

In the 15 and under section Justin Salloum and our National Ladies champion Chantal Fitzpatrick ended in 3rd and 4th places respective. 

left to right: Chantal Fitzpatrick, Kiran Maharaj (centre) & Justin Salloum receives 1st place Team trophy.

In the team events: our 15 and Under team (Justin Salloum, Kiran Maharaj and Chantal Fitzpatrick) earned top spot while our 9 and Under team (Keron Cabralis, Prasanna Ramakrishnan and Ronnie Nelson placed 2nd in their division.

Keron Cabralis, Ronnie Nelson (Centre) & Prasanna Ramakrishnan receives 2nd place trophy